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· 5 min read
Denis Souron

An Injector is a mechanism dedicated to dependency injection in Angular. Not all frameworks build their Dependency Injection (DI) the same way. For example, the Spring IoC Container can be mentioned for the famous Java framework. The Angular documentation has long emphasized providers, leaving aside other elements necessary for DI. Injectors are no exception, which is why I propose to see together how they work.

· 4 min read
Denis Souron

With the omnipresence of Babel and TypeScript in the Frontend universe, the JavaScript compatibility of our applications is (almost) no longer an issue. For HTML, only a few attributes have been added since HTML5 for bonus features (lazyload, prefetch, etc.). They are generally ignored by incompatible browsers. What about CSS? There are no proper polyfills, very heterogeneous support, and even a slight misstep with display: grid can be disastrous for the visuals. So, how do we rationalize our CSS? Let's explore that together.

· 6 min read
Denis Souron

Let's talk about application-level state management. Local states (React Hook, Vue Composable, Angular Service + RxJS Subject) have limited use by definition. With the extent of the React ecosystem in the professional world, Redux has become the obvious answer to the State Management challenge. Let's explore the fairly natural process that leads us to Redux and take a step back to reconsider our choices.